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Writing articles for the Internet is different than writing for a print publication; you have to pay attention to the SEO. Here are some ideas and tips I have learned and I hope they help you.
Published by Sam Montana 111 months ago in Traffic Building | +116 votes | 10 comments is a scam please don't waste your time here, I have thoroughly reviewed the site and they will never pay you.
Published by Rachel Ellis 110 months ago in Online Scams & Fraud Warnings | +54 votes | 78 comments
Digital moms are the women of today who are multi-tasker and meets the demands of domestic responsibilities. Through the help of technology, digital moms gets help from their daily tasks. Know more about iPhone apps for the busy moms.
Published by Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay) 99 months ago in Blogging | +45 votes | 17 comments
When Articles Are Worth A Thousand Views, How I gained A thousand Views for a Day
Published by deepblue 96 months ago in Blogging | +43 votes | 17 comments
StumbleUpon is one of the best way to discover the Web. The StumbleUpon toolbar acts as smart handler, One click and your website is shared to hundreds and thousands of people. Using StumbleUpon you can share your favourite websites, pictures, videos with a single click. You can also share and vote websites, pictures and videos submitted by other users.
Published by Sudhir Rawat 105 months ago in Business & Productivity Tools | +43 votes | 29 comments
A brief summary of one very effective tactic for promoting online writing with Twitter.
Published by Dustin LaBarge 113 months ago in Traffic Building | +43 votes | 46 comments
This is a quick start guide on how to find Swagbucks codes. Here are some tips and tricks to earn Swagbucks fast.
Published by Rachel Ellis 108 months ago in Freebie, Discounts & Rewards Sites | +42 votes | 10 comments
Article spinning software and services have become very popular since they provide a very cheap way to distribute content to many sites. Freelance writers should be cautious when dealing with article spinning sites and services, since it can negatively impact your reputation by associating your work with Black Hat websites. We provide some details into why article spinning is considered a form of spam and should be avoided by legitimate professionals and businesses.
Published by 90 months ago in SEO | +41 votes | 35 comments
Searching your profile name or Googling yourself in search engines is vital in managing and protecting your social reputation and credibility.
Published by Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay) 93 months ago in Internet | +41 votes | 22 comments
Using Twitter is a great way to promote your articles and expose your writing to many people who might otherwise not see your articles. Getting followers is part of promoting, but you need the right followers who share the same interests. And then you have to promote your articles to your followers.
Published by Sam Montana 89 months ago in Twitter | +39 votes | 29 comments
What are the important guidelines for writers that should be followed to prevent being demoted and getting banned from the online writing site? Here are things that should be borne in mind while writing in Factoidz, a fast-growing online writing site.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 112 months ago in Internet | +39 votes | 43 comments
What is Knoji? How can I become an expert on Knoji? How can I list my company on Knoji? What kinds of information can I find on Knoji? Find answers to some of your more basic questions about Knoji here in this brief guide.
Published by 85 months ago in Social Media & Web 2.0 | +38 votes | 12 comments
Web writing is different than content writing and the importance of keywords is an importance issue if you want to get more traffic to your articles. Your ultimate goal is to get a high page rank in search engines because most web traffic comes from search engines.
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 113 months ago in Traffic Building | +38 votes | 30 comments
Understand the two main methods to get backlinks and improve your online marketing strategy. Learn how to get backlinks and increase pagerank.
Published by Rox B 116 months ago in Online Marketing | +35 votes | 45 comments
How Online Writing Could be Addictive and Ways to Get Away with It
Published by deepblue 90 months ago in Blogging | +34 votes | 27 comments
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